Yes? No?


Yes? No?



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    I like the blur :3
  2. luna-the-lunatic said: yes
  3. onedoctor--onehamster said: yes :D
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  8. mayanpaw said: I like the motion blur on everything except the Doctor.
  9. frenchw1nter said: Yes! Looks awesome :)
  10. themostunlikelyplace said: Yeah that is better. I like it.
  11. sillysparrow said: Yes! It may look out of place on it’s own, but imagined among other panels it would be awesome :)
  12. spinning-logic said: Maybe a /little/ less motion blur?
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  14. frayedfire said: No, don’t blur it.
  15. bookmonstereliz said: I like it without, it makes him more centered.
  16. ehcanadianhedgehog said: Oh that looks cool, really trippy x3
  17. buyn said: Yus.
  18. thezohar said: yes?
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